Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Portrait tribute to my lovely wife who takes great care of me. I thought that I would try something a bit different with my painting. A more loose, colorful impasto style approach. Using thick paint and palette knife technique. Will try more of this style. We all should have a sweetheart. I know I’m blessed to have such a lady in my life. “ Let me call you sweetheart I’m in love with you…..” Some of you are not to old to remember this tune Ha!!! 

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  1. I am sitting here crying, just finding out that you are now gone. You were the best instructor you truly were, you had a lot of heart, great wisdom and because you teaching me how to apply myself and learn and study I ended up using the same discipline you taught me at Institute of Technology how to use it to reading the word of God. You taught me so much I know God hand picked you for my life, you taught me all we need to do is study an apply ourselves an we can do so much. I remember so many times you making us laugh, and your genuine heart you had for us. I remember you had a nickname for me, lol and you helped me with my self esteem. I miss going to class an dropping in an saying hi an sitting in the back of class and refreshing what you once taught me. I love your work, you story, and how much you inspired me to use the same study skills we learned in class an applied it to my walk with God. Until we meet again in Heaven, you are missed Mr Dennis Lewis, from Veronica Rain