Monday, October 26, 2015

The Percussionist

My younger brother Fred Lewis. A sharp dresser and as you 
can see in this painting, which also reflects the time period of 
the late seventies or mid eighties. Growing up I remember his
incredible musical talents even as a child. Watching him create 
‘soulful rhythms’ beating on coffee tin cans even before he was 
able to purchase his first set of bongos. It was evident he would 
make his mark in the music field as a percussionist with Lakeside 
creating hits like ‘All the Way Live, ‘Pull My String’ to name a few.

Friday, June 5, 2015


Using a warm palette to create ‘Oracle Jane Doe’ 
as she’s
known to many in the musical circuit. Blessed with the gift of song. She’s beautiful, strong, multi-talented and my niece Kawanna Lewis. First born and the daughter of my brother Fred Lewis, she’s a chip off the old block, both sharing their love and passion for music. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015


The oldest of four, Bobby my great nephew is a handsome
young man who loves sports. As I watched him grow into
manhood I see greatness in him and believe that his God given
gifts and talents will be a blessing for the upcoming generation.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Mountain Man

Portrait painting of my dear friend and mentor John McFarland. When my family and I moved to the mountains, John and I became best of friends. He taught me how to camp. Introduced me to venison, snake, frog legs, gator and a host of other mountain delicacies. John was a kind hearted soul who loved God and gifted with the spirit of kindness.

Pitcher This

Daring attempt at a still life setting created in a very impressionist style. I used the palette knife predominately throughout this painting especially to the background applying various colors to simulate a very loose approach while maintaing control to the main subject matter.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Tribute to Frank Sinatra.  As a huge fan of ‘Ole Blue Eyes’ The Rat Pack’and all. He was such a talent and had a voice like no other. Did you know that Frank was a member of the NAACP and played a huge influence in the civil rights movement. I make it a habit when at my studio to play a few tunes to get myself in the mood to paint. Love the big band era.


Tribute to Sammy Davis Jr. a multi-talented man who was a musician, singer, actor and dancer. He was a great inspiration for me growing up as a child. He paved the way for many black performers today. Great entertainer, his singing style was very distinct for that time. Although, he ws part of the  ‘Rat Pack,’ I've always  admired his  energetic professionalism displayed in everything he did.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Full Moon at Half Dome

Using a palette knife I was inspired to create this simple
small painting impressionist style, of one of my favorite
places to visit. I try to visit this place at least once or
twice a year. Confirmation that God is....

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Suzie the Model

25 min_Sketch of Suzie the model. Drawing from life can be intimidating but, it's a must if you are to grow as an artist. Come join us every other Friday if you have the nerve.

Dean Dallin

When I moved to Clovis, CA. I had the privilege to meet and befreind Dean Dallin. He is an influential mentor I’ve come to know and respect. Dean Dallin studied with Russian Master Painter Sergei Bongart. He’s strong advocate and long time signature member with SWA. Master artist, watercolorist, oil painter and one of my dearest friends.

Spring Brook

Older painting I did quite a few years ago while traveling up in the mountains came across this simple setting and thought I would capture the moment.

Portrait Sketch of Suzie

20 min. Portrait charcoal sketch of the model - From my drawing 
class held at Riverpark Art Studios every other Fridays.

Burt Lancaster

When I was growing up I loved action movies. This painting is a 
tribute to one of my favorite action movie stars  I painted in 1982 as a sample piece. His performance and acrobatic skills in the Trapeze was very inspirational for me as a young kid. Guess I’m a softy for the old ‘flicks. ‘ 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Portrait of a beautiful and generous young lady who has a great smile. She was there to take my daughter in when she needed a place to stay while living in Los Angeles, CA. As a dad one can only appreciate such a kind hearted gesture. Sukari is a very talented seamstress. My wife and I were able to view some of her incredible work just recently.