Monday, May 5, 2014


Rare portrait of legendary artist, master painter, historical artist and my dear friend Chris Hopkins. He is the ‘Yoda’ of painting and one of the most prolific artist I have ever met. Chris is an incredible artist. His work speaks for itself.

Standing Figure_ sketch

Charcoal sketch of standing figure on linen paper with white pencil
for highlights.


This charcoal portrait drawing on linen paper of my good friend Orpheus Hanley (‘Soundmaster’). A small tribute of my appreciation to an extraordinary gifted man in the art of sound and music.

Plum Wine

Still Life subject I recently painted in my studio. I wanted to create a simple setting using a Chinese vase, mason jar, roses and several fruit items against a warm silk background. Plum wine is popular in Japan and Korea and produced in China.

Silver Reflections

Demo on how to paint silver or reflective material. I used a warm palette for the background with a dark brown ceramic jar to accent the silver creamer. Adding cool and warm colors to create the impression of a highly reflective surface. The green apple was added to give balance to the overall simple composition.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


My oldest grandchild. She very active, loves her mommy and daddy, school, gymnastics and working on her art. I’ve been trying to convince her to give Grandpa some of that nice thick head of hair. She's a cutie...look out boys, there's a new girl in town!!!