Friday, June 5, 2009

Chasing Mach 1

In 1947 Chuck Yeager made history. No one knew if a fixed-wing aircraft could fly faster than sound or if a human pilot could survive the experience. This painting depicts the testing of the experimental rocket-powered Bell X-1 fighter plane flown by Chuck Yeager, reaching excessive speeds just seconds before that historical moment, the breaking of the sound barrier attaining Mach 1.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rose of Sharon

Tribute to my wife. This painting represents the passions of love. The bracelet symbolizes the covenant between man and woman. The light upon her shoulder is the affection of God's approval. Love is warm, passionate, tender, exciting, seductive and unpredictable. Like a rose it represents all these things and more. The beauty of a woman can stir the hearts of men. It is a feeling like no other.

The Songs of Solomon says it best... "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth for thy love is better than wine."

Brass Lamp


When first created this painting, I was inspired by the amount of hair worn by my son. I wanted to capture the beauty and innocence of youth and to portray a sense of strenlgth and pride. The folded arms and slightly titled head creates a more interesting subject, lending strength to the pose. The red baseball jersery compliments the subject's dark skin tones, while the white collar creates a nice frame for the head. The comb helps to complete the overall attitude of the figure.

"How we wear our hair has allot to do with how we view ourselves."

-Dennis Lewis

Angels On Our Shoulders

This painting was created for the North West Air Force Artist program and now hangs in the Pentagon in Washington D.C. It depicts two P-51 fighter planes on their way back home from a military mission over Europe. Returning home, they encounter an enemy fighter plane, which leads to a confrontation in the sky. The enemy falls from the sky in flaming defeat.

Big John

A tribute to my dear friend, a man of great stature and kindness, with a heart for God. I chose this particular pose to emphasize the strength of the figure. The hat with head band, adds character and accents the portrait. The red shirt adds warmth to the figure and overall design, complimenting the dark cool colors of the background.'

'Great is the man who gives the shirt off his back to help others in need. Blessed is the man, willing to give regardless of the need.'

Evening At Half Dome

Still Moments

This painting started out as a demonstration for the Clovis Art Guild. The subject matter is a very classic setting. The antique coffee cup acts as the focal point with the spoon, sugar cubes and rose acting as a lead-in to the overall composition. The large vase 

gives balance to the painting with its large shape and reflecting plums. The dramatic lighting helps to create a very still and tranquil mood.’