Monday, June 13, 2016


I’ve been blessed have a few great friends in my life.
That friend who is always there for you. In times of 
frustrations, counsel and support. Helping you through 
the thick and thin’s of life. That credit goes to Nadine Nakanishi. Early in my career, as art director for 
KHJ9 network, she took a chance hiring me as a freelance artist. It was the beginning of a long time-die 
hard-good friendship ever since. We attended the same high school and were botmembers of Creative Source Art Studios in Hollywood, CA. This portrait is an aatempt to 
capture her infectious childhood smile she seems to easily 
wear so well.


Tribute to Victor Prado. A man I’ve come t
o respect
and admire greatly. His nativeNheritage can be seen 
clearly in his profile portrait. His passion for automobiles 
and their repair can be seen in the work he loves so much. 
A man who takes great pride in his work. Always honest 
with his clients never taking advantage but, instead putting 
the clients needs first. Something rarely found in most 
businesses today. It took some convincing Victor to allow 
me paint his portrait. Something I hope to be able to do 
more of.